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Nick and Courtnie

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We are Nick & Courtnie Griffin.
We live right here in Dixon, Illinois with our son, three cats, and two dogs.
We are also owners, operators, and wearers of many hats at our downtown business.
We have grown to add Andrew and Chris to our operation. Stop by and say "hi!" sometime!


Here's a little about how we began...
In 2010 we put roots down in Dixon, IL and opened our first shop in a small below-grade downtown office. We were equipped with knowledge, a determination, and a dream.
After a few scary months, many sleepless nights and the backing of an amazing community...we grew... And we grew... And in early 2011, eyes to the sky, we moved up into a considerably larger street-level shop. We worked day and night to make it our own and have stayed here ever since.

When we opened, our services included in-shop and in-home consumer level support. While we still offer these services, we are proud to say our business has grown substantially. Due to this growth we currently support small, medium, and enterprise level businesses in the area, as well as across the state of Illinois and into Wisconsin.


The past seven and a half years have been great to us and Dixon has become a home to us in ways we only dreamed were possible. We are proud of our community, our family, and what we have built. We will continue to provide quality service to our friends and neighbors for as long as you'll have us.


In addition to being young entrepreneurs, husband and wife, parents, and generally just rad people, we also volunteer our time fostering dogs. I won’t stand on my soapbox for too long, but I urge you to educate yourself on the homeless pet problem facing this country. The euthanasia rates are staggering and it is a problem disproportionately effecting “Pit Bull” type dogs and mix breed dogs inaccurately labeled “pit bull.” We feel very strongly that if you see a problem in the world and there is something you can do to help, do it. No matter how little or how much you can help, just help. Please check out the rescue we volunteer with. They are an amazing group of people who help some really great dogs find wonderful homes. Paw
Visit Don't Bully My Breed's Website to learn more.

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